Gorillas Eyes Stage 1


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Work in progress: Primates

Having thought about the best approach to the making process and really the start of creating sculptures for the Ma, I have decided on the most visual point of a primate, the eyes.

For most people, especially those with a conscience, inner belief of greater spiritual thoughts, may often wonder what if anything is man’s closest relative thinking. The eyes are the most telling and expressive means any person or animal communicates with.

I hope to capture the essence of thought provoking ceramic art, making the viewer wonder, think and above all, create awareness of the animal’s existence. To capture grace, power and gentleness.

The first thought at this stage is the scale to which this sculpture should be made. At the moment I’m making a bas relief with the intention of mould making and reproducing using different slips or press moulding using black basalt plus others. It’s great to think at this stage how the progress of this first project may develop and possibly change?

I intend to photograph or even video most stages of the making process for visual evidence and record keeping, enabling reflection and future developments.

Here the first few pictures: Gorilla’s Eye’s measures 17″ by  8 1/2″ high.


Texture or no texture / wrong clay. should have used the sculptors modelling clay?? Natural accurate sculpting or stylized – abstract?

Fri 14th Jan Without moving to far away from my own background within a commercial setting, i hope to create these sculptures with the prospect of future developments /sales.

The sculpture,  titled Gorillas Eyes, has come on quite quickly and i hope the pictures give the viewer an insight into the making process. Pictures 5/6/7 start to bring the piece alive, that’s the intent. Creating a mood of contemplation and wonder.

I hope and envisage making a number of similar pieces to different scales, one at least 40 to 50 inches long by 30″ high. I’m sure this would make a striking contemporary art form.


The sculpture is far from finished and still requires a number of days work.

Sat 15th Jan. This is the stage were many hours of work just doesn’t seem to be apparent. 4.5 hrs

I’ve concentrated on modelling around the eyes and getting them in symmetry. Its been helpful and a great resource to photograph the relief enabling me to measure, and as I’m sure you know see the model in a completely refreshing way.


Sun 16th Jan – Refining the detail and exploring different textures. 3hrs work. Looking back at the early photos the rough textures seem to embody life, movement and a contemporary feel. However, as I’m use to applying fine detail, this is the path I’m taking for the moment. Experimenting after mould making is reasonable and a must. I can easily see these studies in different ceramic finishes, encapsulating greater study and investigation.

Sunday 23rd Jan 2011 still working on sculpture.


Friday 28th Jan – Two part mould comes apart, just about!




Saturday 29th Jan. – Been working on the blog for hours, more to my frustration. Using Pc media I’ve been playing around with different effects.

Having completed the two part mould i can now start to experiment and play around with different clays, materials and  forms of displaying the sculpture.

Some of the thoughts and ideas are as follows

  • Gorilla’s eyes to be displayed in a fragmented form, emphasising the decline and break up of their family groups.

  • Black basalt body, slip cast – different colours



  • The above fragments are uniformly the same size and dimensions but different coloured clays and aggregates.

Wednesday 2nd Feb

After waiting for the mould to dry the first test piece is ready to go.

By pressing a thin layer of earthenwate clay inside the mould i hope to create the first impression of Gorillas Eyes.
Once the clay had gone leather hard,  i the took cast out of the mould. Great to see all the textures and surface tension. Transforming the refined modelling into
a less controlled state, in sharpe contrast to my usaul expectations.


Two experimental photo’s.



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