Gorillas Eyes Stage 3

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Gorilla’s Eyes Stage 3

Taken out of context, each piece becomes an individual sculpture/ form.

Underlying functional and non functional possibilities. With Organic folds and random textures, Gorillas Eyes has evolved from part representational modelling to unique individual forms, abstract in appearance and functionality.

It’s a great turning point in the project if it was the intention of taking and developing forms based on the original sculpture. However, it was my intention to cut the model up into sections, this was purely an exercise to see how Gorilla’s Eyes looked in a deconstructed manner/ abstract. Nevertheless, I’m a firm believer that intentions and ideas can change and evolve.

The relationship between form and function is one area I’d like to investigate. Each piece from the original model is unique, some more aesthetically pleasing than others.

Relating this development to the Friday lectures, Claire Norcross in particular and Habitat designs. In conversation with Dave Binns, some parts of the model lent themselves to functional vessels. Contemporary in design, and unique in form.

What’s so exciting about this, is that, although each piece is only around 3” by 2” inch, vessels based on the original forms could be made tens times as big. The possibilities are endless.

So I think the next step, although moving sideways form the Gorillas eyes sculpture, is to make a vessel/ form.

Another step forward.