James Corazzo


James Corazzo 01.04.11

Graphic designer, lecturer at Stockport College. Graduated from Uclan, 2010.

Lecture on ‘Nothing’

Introduction form the film Helvetica, regarding the style of font. Communication framework, language and creating an understanding of the world.

‘Nothing between letters’

I guess one of the main objectives about James’s lecture was to get us to think and look. Using the Fedex logo at the start of the lecture. Implying there was something to be seen. Something that took him years to find himself, but something that was well worth the wait. As for myself, I always thought I pretty good at spotting things, however, not today. It was until the end of the lecture I actually saw the hidden something.

I have to be honest; I didn’t really know where the lecture was going or what he was talking about. I guess it relates to those in graphic design and not so much sculpture.

However, the penny dropped and it all made sense.

One of the key points was the space between letters, such as the sign Saudi airlines. The original text was written in a font that actually created a crucifix (between the S and A). Not the best of ideas considering Saudi Arabia is a muslin state.

The outer and inner space much the same – very much the same? “The essence of Nothing” by Rachel Whitread. Casting a house form the inside, using concrete. This created am impression of the space and not the outer surface.

James introduced the concept of space via the artist Robert Raushenburg, an artist in 1951 painting a canvas white. More a philosophical view than presence of visual subject – ability.

John Cage, composer, created a piece of where the performer played nothing. The aim of this to get the public to listen to the sounds around the building. www.youtube.com/watch?v=hUJagb7hL0E A must see and read the comments.

At the end of his talk the FedEx logo was again brought up on screen, this time I saw it.

Great lecture.


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