Martin McWilliams 08.10.10

Martin McWilliams 8th Oct 2010 “What If”

Through life long exploration and commitment Martin has created evolving individual styles of ceramic art. Two wood burning firings per year, based in Germany.

1957 Born in Cape-town.
1966 Family returns to England.
1976 Finish at Bournemouth Art School England.
1978 Finish at Dartington-Pottery-Workshop
1978- 83 Experience in EU and Japanese Workshops
1983 Set up own workshop in N.Germany.
1994 Professional Member of the CPA (GB)
1996 Chairman of the WERKSCHULE Oldenburg (D)
1997 Member of AKB, (D)
2001 Fellow of CPA (GB)
2007 Member of the International Academy of Ceramics AIC/IAC

“What I am looking for in my work with ‘clay and fire’ lies in their own essential beauty and the play between them – a beauty subjective , difficult to define, control or repeat – something to do with chance coincidence. My methods are as simple / direct as possible where chance has space to surprise. This leads me along a narrow ridge between my will and that of the material”.

I make coil/slab-built Stoneware “Trompe-l’œil” objects, coloured with kaolin slips all wood-fired in a 6 ku/m chamber kiln. They give the idea of simple bowls and jars, of a tradition that has given me a lifelong fascination, but take them into another space of the mind.


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