Sculptor: Salvador Debón………lladro sculptor

Valencia lost the sculptor Salvador Debon Cortina, one of the great artists falleros
The craftsman, 85 years in the profession began in 1947 withthe Angel commission Guimerá-Gran Vía Fernando el Católico

Sculptor Salvador Debon Cortina died on Monday at the age of 85 years and Valencia lost one of the great artists Fallas, whose works are a lesson in how to combine the grace, humor and wit in a volume limitation.

Salvador Debon belonged to that golden decade of the flaws that were the sixties in which competed with enthusiasm, for example, artists such as Vicente Luna, Vicente Tortosa, Julian Puche, Modesto Gonzalez or siblings Fontelles.

The master’s work is distinguished from the rest Debón their counterparts for introducing the so-called double image by modeling a series of figures and objects that offered independent double reading, depending on the situation of the spectator, a facet that as a claim made mandatory contemplation faller’s work.

His nimble hands modeled the board with a special grace without losing the grace of the finest tradition satirical Fallas.

His career was plagued with great prizes, awards that made him the most successful artist of the sixties.

Six special awards
Just remember its six first prizes in the special section on committees Visitation-Orihuela, in 1959, Plaza del Doctor Collado, in 1960 and 1969, Plaza del Pilar, in 1967 and 1968, and Plaza de la Merced in 1972.

The teacher stopped performing Cortina Debon and plant failures in the seventies and went on to become one of the leading sculptors and sought to have passed through the signing of Lladro Valencian ceramics. The humanity of Salvador Debon is praised by friends and colleagues who always stressed their cunning faller and, above all, his valencianía of which he displayed as long as he could.

Pepe Latorre, Master Craftsman Guild Mayor Falla Artist, Travel in Turkey, told THE PROVINCES: “We have been one of the biggest faller art. He was an artist who knew how to give it just fails without fanfare and a load of unique humor and satire. His works have been for the memory of many generations. The penalty was that we snatched Lladró to become one of the most outstanding sculptors. Otherwise would have more failures and more years of glory the profession. ”

THE PROVINCES had the opportunity to talk with the teacher Debón Cortina, in 2006, at the end of the talks organized by the Federation of Special Faults with wit and grace in the complex’s Pendant; talk to the artists came and Vicente Luna José Pascual “Pepet.”

The master Salvador Debon with your usual wit and, above all, long experience, confirmed that minutes before had explained in the talk: “The Fallas monuments of earlier, my time, and now are very different, as were various and are the materials used and is now used (with clear reference to Styrofoam). We work with cardboard and even knew how to get perfection, whenever there was a good basis for sculpture ”

About Ingenio and Grace, one of the facets as nobody knew show, Salvador Debon, said: “The wit and grace still exists, but its concept is otherwise. I think my teammates have another way of looking at grace failures, but change. ”