Contextual review

Contextual Review

Having completed the Literature review, this has helped me to consider formal elements of my main project, and a direction to proceed in. The contrasting status of commercial and contemporary sculpture will feature as the main focus of my Ma project.

Although I was been unable to visit the Rossana Orlandi Gallery, Milan, in April 2008: The Fantasy Collection for Lladro, created by Jamie Hayon. This body of work identifies the cultural issues of Spanish art and influence, extravagance and decordance. Adding a new, fresh approach to ceramic art, I find his style of work and methodology exciting and inspiring. Innovative designs and portrayal of family life with abstract references create a unique narrative. His work is almost clinical, the mould making qualities are of the highest standards, and something I admire and aspire to. Jamie Hayon, I would say, is of a new breed of artist/ designer. Allowing his own imagination to break contemporary beliefs and expectations.

My visits to the Staffordshire museum give me great source and wealth of information. The mother of all ceramic forms can be found. From such tradition and creativity I intend to investigate certain commercial artefacts and allow them to influence my style of work. I particularly like the traditional flatback sculptures. The detail or lack of it contrast to the life like studies of Hayon and other artists. Majolica wear also offers boundless directions for me to investigate, and I hope it does.

The work of Ron Mueck, offers incredible hyperrealist detail and life like features. One aspect to Mueck’s work was that he wanted to produce realistic sculptures which looked perfect from all angles. I find this an interesting concept and something I hope to influence my own work. Again something I’m sure will contribute to the practical work and dissertation.

Whilst looking at the social and environmental issues of today, I intend to add humour and satirical elements to my work, such as the Tootsie Fay Fat Lady made by Karen Marie Portaleo. Quote “it shows us as happy and exuberant and beautiful”, a perfect analysis.

I hope to explore different techniques and styles yet, without sounding like a hypocrite create something traditional yet contemporary.

To conclude, the contextual and literature review have been a great opportunity to investigate issues and styles of ceramic sculpture.

Enabling me to make a focused study and identify the areas I wish to pursue. With continued research and development I intend to add my thoughts and discoveries to both reviews.


Jamie Hayon; The Fantasy Collection for Lladro

Ron Mueck;   Mask II” by Mueck (2001-2002)

Karen Marie Portaleo; Tootsie Fay Fat Lady

Pamela Earnshaw Kelly; kelly