Karen Hilliard


As part of the course requirements we are to record our research and communication with other artists, practitioners, demonstrating our independent form of enquiry and awareness.

In relation to my own area of interest and development i recently contacted Karen Hilliard from Gloucestershire.

Quote form Home page of her website:

When I first clasped my hands around that cold heavy damp lump of clay, I sensed a new beginning! This led me to a degree in Ceramics and further to develop my own professional practice with studio and architectural work.

My use of brick as a creative medium began in 1993 when I was commissioned to lead a community group to design a site-specific piece of work using Ceramic Brick for Charlton Lane Hospital in Cheltenham. I devise unique creative opportunities to deliver quality collaborative innovative permanent artworks. I work with people in schools, communities, hospitals and other health care settings.

I found that working with un-fired or ‘green’ brick gave me the creative opportunities and versatility of using a mass of clay to create site-specific work that would otherwise be unachievable in ceramic.

I have experience of collaborating with architects, landscape architects and designers to realise a shared vision and have completed public art commissions for both town and city councils.





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