Development of form


“Explaining the space inside is as important, is there, and intrinsic to the form”.  Ken Eastman

“Dual elements of deduction and omission”. Nagae Shigekazu

“Through the choice of color the quality of the inner and outer space is emphasized” Rita Ternes

The idea that the original source of inspiration/ design has been abstracted and surpassed by contemporary design. Evolving  – inspired by the movement of surface texture.


First meeting with Dave, establishing update, progress made and intentions.

The main issue of understanding is the direction and philosophy of the art I’m creating.

As mentioned to Dave, my art work has been inspired by form, shape and texture. Moving away from the normal academic style and accurate modelling I’m used too.

Without sounding blasé, subconsciously I knew the direction I wanted to investigate. Taking a moderately accurate model and subtracting elements that have endless possibilities. Developing abstract forms that don’t necessarily shout out their core route of design or their association with original sculpture or art work!

The question of “What is it?” seems to be asked a lot. The answer = contemporary ceramics influenced by abstracting form and detail to create aesthetically pleasing ceramic sculptural art!

I think it’s fair to say I can allow the Marquette’s to tell me what they want to be! Rather than force idealistic, wishful thinking.



Thought for the day

Does it make a difference where the source of creativity comes from? Whether it’s wildlife, architecture or the natural landscape.

Would it change the outcome (if you only knew what the outcome was, does that mean it was intended, foreseen naive with exploration.)

Nagae Shigekazu use of kiln firing to achieve the desired effects inspire form and material. “Yet at the same time, the luscious draping and tapering of his organic curves are borne through “chance” natural kiln effects”.

Study Plan. Confirming with Dave. Creating/ Exploring different Marquette’s/ quick studies. Where is it going – What is it? My intentions

Confirm what I am doing and why.

Sculptural ceramics – abstracting form and shape – based upon natural organic forms.

Creating a sense of movement, using light to transpire silhouettes. Giving evocative life to form.

Abstract Art – Vessels


Marquette One. Based upon the abstract study, Gorillas Eyes. I have created this sculptural form. In the first instance it takes on the basic shape of a cylinder.

Does this now mean it’s a vessel??


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