Refine and Create

Having had a discussion with Dave, a number of outcomes where reached. The future refinement of stage 6 sculpture, the balance, the overall presentation and material in which it could be made.

Personally I feel comfortable with the abstraction of the original form creating the contemporary ceramic sculpture. It’s a refreshing change to my norm of sculpting and an area of abstract art I wish pursue.

Using porcelain instead of earthenware now gives me the challenge of using a different material, learning new handling and modelling skills with new construction methods learnt.

Viewing the photos you can see I have used one of the original sculptures to create the form of the new piece/ sections. The intention is to create a series of 3 free standing sculptures that stand side by side. The idea that one can be made on a large scale is to be pursued.

It was mentioned with Dave that the contrast of porcelain against a wooden/stone or black basalt stand would be visually pleasing and complementary.

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Working/ sculpting with porcelain is like working with rubber that seems to have a life of its own. However, even at this stage very pleasing.

Measures  9inch in height.

No particular texture aimed for.


Clay like crumbling cheese – difficult to work with.

washing down with water creating smooth texture. Comes into a life of its own.

One side of the clay represents the original model the other a negative impression im having to add detail/ texture to.

All 3 pieces individual, each one has its own identity and narrative. Able to make and inspire larger free standing piece.

Put all 3 close together they have a subtle suggestion of the gorillas face.


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